Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artist Links for a change!

I've been holding back on new posts to sort of showcase my work a bit to clients, but screw it, I have to share these mind-blowing artists.

The first one I found courtesy of joshuathejames, a guy named kenichi yoshida. Apparently he did key animations for several miyazaki films and a host of other titles. I love how no-nonsense some of those pencil drawings are. Very cool.

Then there's someone I found from Paul Richards' blog that everyone needs to recognize, Sergey Popov. Not only is he an astounding concept artist, but he can also rock out 3d models as well. That kind of ability is intimidating...

Finally, you should all check out my friend Dan Hay's blog. It's a bunch of caricatures of people he saw walking around while he was at work (caricature artist at Sea World Orlando), and he just draws the funniest drawings. That's just how he rolls.