Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm not dead yet!

Wow, I'm really lazy for neglecting this blog for so long. It's weird doing a constant stream of NDA work. When something gets released, I always feel like that old work is way worse than what I'm working on at the time, so I end up not posting it. With enough of that kind of thinking, a whole year goes by and I still haven't shown anything. Yesterday was my 1-year anniversary at Turbine (geez, time flies...), so I figured it was time to expose myself to scrutiny again. I obviously have way more to show, but this was all that I had lying around on my home computer. I'll post more as soon as my absent-mindedness lets me grab the rest.

These were helmets that I made for Lord of the Rings Online in my first months at Turbine:

Some assets that players can buy for their in-game houses. The first two are kegs, one normal and one EEEEEVIL. The other is just a hobbit fireplace:

an elven quiver:
A Lossoth cloak for the Forochel addition to LOTRO, released a few months ago:

This is a succubus creature called a Morroval. This was one of several variants on the original morroval, and it was fun getting to update the old ones with some different flavor.

This was a design for the boss of the evil nomads. Apparently downward-pointing triangles mean evil, so he's evil times a thousand:

Some cultural assets for the evil sea god cult Dungeons and Dragons online:This last one is a concept for the upcoming Mines of Moria expansion for LOTRO. This is the first room that people enter in the mines, and the image is a super updated version of my old lame work in progress that showed up on the internets a few months ago.

The Moria expansion will be released in a few months, at which time I'll be allowed to show much much more of my underwhelming accomplishments at turbine :)

What else can I say? Well, the Comic Con was excellent, and everyone should go next year and hang with me and lie to me about how awesome I am. I also just finished a figure drawing course with RISD professor Jeff Hesser. Best anatomy class I ever had! I'll show a pile of my mediocre figure drawings as soon as I get around to photographing them. I should also show my zoo drawings and gouache landscape paintings, but again, I have to un-lazy myself and digital that stuff up. Hopefully I'll post again before 2010! See ya!