Friday, July 14, 2006

THUNDERDOME!!! just posted their Last Man Standing Thunderdome images. There were a few really nice pieces, several decent ones, and a ton of other stuff ranging from okay to unfinished. This was my entry:

From looking at the other 200+ pieces and the overall responses, I think I can see the importance of making an eye-catching image. It's like making a poster vs. a double-page spread, and for the next round I'll be sure to make a piece that's more like a poster. I'm just glad that I can move on from this piece to something else. I get that way after staring at my work long enough. Anyway, check out the thunderdome stuff here, here, and most importantly here. Later!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

here comes San Diego!

Next week I will be my first run-in with the San Diego Comicon, and I am pumped beyond belief. I'm going to get to meet many of my favorite artists, see piles of art, and hopefully show my work around to a million companies and get good responses. I've heard so much hype about it in the past, and I'll have a blast if even half of it is true. Hope to see you there!